It’s great to meet you.

I’ll be honest. I get really excited taking someone’s idea and helping them make it a reality. I thrive working with creative and smart people. And I love spreading the word about something that someone will truly benefit from.

All of these things stem from my passion for making great connections.

I believe companies have an incredible opportunity to connect with their customers like never before. But developing personal interactions requires a deep understanding of your audience and strategies that adapt quickly to stay relevant. They also require a mentality that you’re never done improving your relationship with your customers.

You likely have a great product that solves a problem. My goal is to help you reach your customer in a powerful way that builds a “win-win” relationship: delivering product value and growing your business.

I’ve developed expertise in a wide range of marketing areas to not just create a strategy, but put it into action. And because I’m certainly not an expert at everything, I collaborate with industry geniuses who share the same philosophies of transparency, accountability, and a hands-on approach to generating results.

Our clients ultimately benefit from increased turnaround times, reduced costs, and highly-relevant marketing that captivates their audience.

So, how can we help you develop deeper connections with your clients? Whether you’re starting from scratch, or need to take your business to the next level, I’d love to chat with you.

Let’s Grab a Coffee

Additional Background

Brittany has over 10 years of corporate and agency experience, working with companies “from the ground up”. She has spent the vast majority of her career marketing for health care and nonprofit organizations, and is passionate about developing conscious businesses and social enterprises to catalyze sustainable change.

Brittany received her B.S. in Business with a dual-emphasis in Marketing and Management from the University of Colorado at Boulder and her MBA from the University of San Diego. She remains highly involved with the University of San Diego as a Leadership Fellow facilitating personal and professional development for MBA candidates.

She also serves as a Business Advisor and Mentor for, a nonprofit organization that is changing the culture of underserved communities by equipping them with Digital Marketing tools that help them become leaders in the innovation economy and the workforce of tomorrow.

Really Important Things to Note

  • Succulents make my eyes dance.
  • If I’m wearing socks, $100 says they aren’t matching.
  • I will lose myself in Country and 80s music. Without shame.
  • I’d like to call myself a professional air guitar player, but I don’t like to brag.
  • I’m a big believer in having the Most Fun Possible every day.
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